Safety & Compliance

A Letter From Our Director of Safety;

Welcome to our company website. As you browse through our site, I trust you will quickly come to realize “Gypsum Express is different”. 

I came to that realization nearly 21 years ago. At that time I had already spent twenty years in the business. Having been a driver for many years, and an owner-operator as well, it didn’t take long to realize that something special was going on here. I have worked as a Dispatcher, Recruiter, and Safety Director for small companies and one of the largest ones in the country during my career. The “other” companies all seemed to say the same thing…..”The driver’s are a disposable commodity”. 

Here at Gypsum Express our company slogan says it differently and straight up: Our Drivers make The Difference. I personally feel that our drivers are my customer. It is my responsibility to make sure our drivers are qualified, in compliance, trained properly, and prepared for the job ahead of them. I know during my career as a driver, I never received proper training or made to feel like I really made a difference. 

We are different here at Gypsum Express. Not only is the Safety Department on call 24/7, but we take it several steps further. As a driver here we offer to you an extensive Continuing Education Program. Just like professionals in unrelated fields that continue their education, we also feel our drivers should have similar resources available to them. We encourage our drivers to continue their education in their profession. We have many resources for drivers from training aids such as Defensive Driving Programs, refresher training, post accident training, entry level training opportunities, and many online training videos to assist you. All of this is offered to make our drivers the “best in the business”. 

Although I don’t drive for a living any more, I have never forgotten my start. I made a promise to myself that if I could help another driver in any way, I would. I encourage each driver to strive to become a Professional Driver. If your career is not going in the direction you would like, then ask yourself the question, “Am I willing to do what it takes to become a true professional?” If you are then please call us today or submit your application online. 

I look forward to being one of the first to say “Welcome to our team, you do make a difference” 

Dennis Plucinik
Director of Safety


Gypsum Express, Ltd. Compliance Office wants to help make “Our Drivers Job a Little Easier”. 

On a daily basis drivers have enough distractions and worries, so at Gypsum Express Ltd. we want to make the DOT Inspection, Logs, and Compliance knowledge a comfort zone for our drivers. Our Compliance Office handles several areas such as; Accidents, Logs, Insurance, Various Registration, Liquor Permits, Safety Items & Toll Cards etc. 

We want to familiarize our drivers with what is required when approaching a DOT Inspection and making sure they have no worries. Having this knowledge can only help make your stops/job easier for you; which will help in the long run keep the driver moving along to make company pick ups and deliveries that produce your paychecks. 

This is why “Our Drivers do Make the Difference”