Military Program

We know that our drivers make the difference!

We are currently seeking veterans with their CDL-A to join our fleet of regional, flatbed drivers.

Let your military background and the benefits you earned launch a new career at Gypsum Express. Your disciplined, detail-oriented traits and a strong work ethic make you the ideal candidate for Gypsum Express. We are a veteran owned company looking to hire those that have served our country.



• Applies to all former military personnel from any branch of the military.

• Must provide copy of DD-214 reflecting an honorable discharge

• A medical discharge for service-related injuries would be the only other acceptable discharge to qualify for this incentive.

• Gypsum must be the first trucking company the applicant is coming to.

• Every 12 months of active duty Military service will count as the equivalent of 6 months driving experience upon hire, regardless of position held while active. (Does not need to be a truck driving MOS.)

• EX: An applicant comes to Gypsum that just served 4 years Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, or Coast Guard would start with us at the 2-year experienced driver pay scale.

• This would max out at 8 years active duty time (coming on at 4 years’ experience Pay Scale).

• Anyone who served 8 years or more active duty would still come in at the 4-year experienced pay scale.

• This starting pay would take effect upon successful completion of the training program and testing out to become a solo driver.

We are also proud to partner with Veterans in Trucking.

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