Driver Orientation

Flatbed Orientation here at Gypsum Express LTD. Headquarters in Baldwinsville, NY is a weeklong program designed to get you familiar with your new employer and furnish you with the tools and skills needed to start or continue a long rewarding career with a highly respected company.

We will provide you with transportation to and from orientation here in Baldwinsville NY. Your recruiter will provide you with specific details on transportation, as well as our rules and requirements associated with being eligible for transportation. We also provide meals, hotel (with kitchenette) and visa gift cards for expenses while in orientation. We also cover tuition reimbursement, and participate in the Military Apprenticeship Program.

During the program, drivers learn about the heritage and growth of Gypsum Express LTD. Drivers participate in all aspects of flatbed and company duties including daily routines, hours of service, Qual-Com usage, company policies and procedures, cargo securement, meetings with personnel of payroll, human resources, safety and compliance, fuel, driver relations and others.

Here is a list of required documents needed for orientation:

• Commercial Driver’s License

• Social Security Card

• Medical Card

• Long Form Physical

• TWIC card (if you have it)

• Voided check or bank card for direct deposit

• Proof of Dependency if you plan on electing family health insurance coverage

- The simplest form of proof of dependency is a copy of a recent income tax filing that lists each of your dependents. If you do not have this available, please bring your marriage certificate to cover your spouse and birth certificates to cover your children.

• Certificate of Eligibility (Only needed if you are interested in our Military Apprenticeship Program and have your Post 9/11 GI Bill available)

- Please bring your Certificate of Eligibility or be able to pull it up on ebenefits.va.gov

We look forward to meeting you as you join our family of safe, professional drivers!

Gypsum Express, Ltd. Compliance Office wants to help make “Our Drivers Job a Little Easier.”

On a daily basis, drivers have enough distractions and worries, so at Gypsum Express Ltd. we want to make the DOT Inspection, Logs, and Compliance knowledge a comfort zone for our drivers. Our Compliance Office handles several areas such as: Accidents, Logs, Insurance, Various Registration, Liquor Permits, Safety Items & Toll Cards, etc.

We want to familiarize our drivers with what is required when approaching a DOT Inspection and making sure they have no worries. Having this knowledge can only help make your stops/job easier for you, which will help in the long run to keep the driver moving along to make company pickups and deliveries that produce your paychecks.

This is why “Our Drivers Do Make the Difference.”